Surface and paper

Substrate, canvas, and paper are essential materials for coloring, drawing, and painting. Here are some common types of substrates and their uses:

1. **Paper:** Paper is a versatile substrate suitable for various types of artworks, including drawings, watercolors, gouaches, ink drawings, and more. There are different types of paper available, such as watercolor paper, drawing paper, sketch paper, and acrylic paper, each suitable for specific techniques.

2. **Canvas:** Canvas is a popular substrate for painting with acrylic or oil paints. It comes in various forms, including canvas panels (stretched canvas on wooden frames) and canvas rolls (raw pieces of canvas that can be stretched onto a frame). Canvas provides a durable surface that absorbs paint well.

3. **Watercolor Paper:** Watercolor paper is specially designed for watercolor paints. It has a heavier weight and a texture that helps hold water and pigments. There are different types of watercolor paper, such as cold-pressed, hot-pressed, and rough, each giving a different effect to watercolor paintings.

4. **Drawing Paper:** Drawings can be made on drawing paper, which comes in various thicknesses and surface textures. It is suitable for pencil drawings, charcoal drawings, pastels, and other dry media.

5. **Sketchbooks:** Sketchbooks are portable books with blank pages that are ideal for quick sketches, notes, and developing ideas on the go. They are often available in different sizes and paper qualities.

6. **Wood Panels:** Wood panels offer a sturdy surface for painting and can be used with acrylic paints, oil paints, or mixed-media techniques. They are usually pre-primed with gesso to allow paint to adhere well.

7. **Cardboard:** Cardboard is a sturdy substrate suitable for drawings and mixed-media projects. It is often available in various colors and thicknesses.

8. **Illustration Boards:** Illustration boards are thicker and sturdier than standard drawing paper and are ideal for illustrations and ink paintings.

The choice of the right substrate depends on the type of artwork you want to create, the materials used, and your personal preferences for texture and surface. Experiment with different substrates to discover which one best suits your artistic needs.

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