A Complete Guide On How To Make An Attractive Handmade Card Within 10 Minutes?

Card making is one of the best hobbies you can opt for, irrespective of your age or gender. 

People generally think that making a card is a very hectic task, but the job can be done with the help of proper guidance. 

What if we let you know that you can make your own handmade card within 10 minutes? Sounds impossible? It actually isn't. 

All you need to have are writing utensils, construction paper, a piece of ribbon, a roller, a pencil, a butter knife, and other such tools. 

If you are looking forward to making handmade cards on your own, we recommend you read this article with utmost care to get to know how you can make cards by staying at your place. 

So, let’s get the ball rolling without any delay: 

Choose A Base Card
A base card is one of the best kinds of cards that can serve as the foundation of your project. 

We suggest you choose a perfect color, keeping in mind your project, because the color will be featured prominently in your finished card. 

There are various types of cards available, but you should choose durable paper that must have a reasonable weight to it. 

One can also consider upcycling the artwork of a little one for the base card. This way, you can make an attractive card without having a lot of supplies on hand at the time. 

Prep The Paper For Folding 
The first step you need to perform after choosing a suitable card is to prepare your paper for folding. 

Pre-folded cards are also available in the market, but if you are using a plain paper, we suggest you fold it to convert into a card form. One of the best qualities of a sensational card is that it has a nice and crispy crease. 

It is recommended to measure the horizontal center of the card before making it, and it can be measured by using a ruler in two places – near the top and near the bottom. 

Folding is as essential as anything else, and this is a step people generally take for granted. 

Score The Card 
If you have no idea how to score a card, there is absolutely nothing to worry about because we have got you covered here. 

A bone folder can save your day when you want to score the card, so you better have this tool at your place before making a card. 

Even if you don't have this innovative tool, you can use a dull butter knife to score the card. 

One of the most significant advantages of scoring a card is to have a nice and spicy fold. 

However, you need to be very watchful about pushing the card because it is suggested not to push it too hard. Once the cards are scored, make sure you lightly erase your pencil marks from them.

Fold The Card 
After scoring your card, the next thing you need to do is to fold the paper along the scored line. 

Make sure you fold the card very carefully, and don't forget to flatten it crisply with the help of a flat tool. 

The card can be folded without having a flat tool by using the spine of a book. This way, you can make your card look like a store-bought card without any hassle.

Complete The Card 
Once you have converted a paper into a card form, then you need to gather all the materials so that you can write something on it. 

After writing what you want to write, make sure you completed it with the help of a glue stick. 

You can even use some ribbons to embellish your card in the most appropriate manner. 

Pro Tip: Always allow the glue and the writing ink to dry to make your card look as classy as possible. 

However, you are recommended to choose a ribbon, keeping in mind the color combination of your handmade card. 

Final words

We know that making a card is not a very simple and straightforward job, but if you have proper guidance, you can make it happen on your own without any hassle. 

We hope that the aforementioned guide has helped you understand how to make a card within no time by staying at your place. 

So, let us know which one of the steps has attracted you or helped you the most?

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